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Livestock Procedures


Why is it necessary to establish livestock procedures at the fair?

  • Livestock can carry diseases that are contagious to other animals or in some cases, humans (Zoonotic Diseases). 
  • All livestock should be observed on the trailer prior to unloading by a veterinarian or trained volunteer.
  • Each species of livestock should have a specific place at the fair grounds identified in advance for a physical examination.  If animals show any signs or symptoms of disease they should not be admitted unless they are examined by a veterinarian.  Based on the veterinarian’s approval, the animal(s) can be admitted to the fair or sent home.
vet check
Establish Vet - check stations for each species of animals

What should be done if you want to take your animal home from the fair?

  • Isolate show animals for 30 days and at least 300 yards from other animals when possible.
  • Carefully monitor show animals for health issues, and call your veterinarian if you have any concerns.
  • Care for your farm animals first, and then show animals.
  • Prevent diseases spreading by cleaning your boots and clothes between feeding groups.
Isolate cattle after  show
These show animals are isolated form other livestock