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Personnel Involved

Who should be involved in pre-fair planning?
The fair is a major event for many counties.  It is important that a pre-fair meeting include all of the decision makers.  Based on the size of the fair, this could include the fair board, fair manager, extension staff, county commissioners, emergency preparedness personnel, superintendents, veterinarians, brand inspectors and sheriffs.

Pre- fair planning meeting

Who has decision making authority?
These roles need to be developed throughout the year and then reviewed at the pre-fair meeting.  This authority could be the fair board and/ or fair manager.  It could also be the county extension agent, however this could be a problem if the agent is a non-county employee. Be sure to address this issue prior to delegating authority.  Final decision making authority is generally  the responsibility of the county commissioners.


meet with emergency personal
Have a list of emergency contacts

What emergency response phone numbers for county fair emergencies should fair authorities have?
This list should include: county commissioners, county attorney, fair manager, sheriff or police, local veterinarians, fair superintendents, poison control centers, county emergency preparedness officer, extension office, brand inspector, power companies, ambulance, fire department, health department and any other emergency agencies in your area.


Meet wiht emergency personal
Meet and train emergency personal

Is there a liability issue?
There definitely is a concern for liability, particularly for volunteers. Most counties can provide liability insurance for volunteers and 4-H leaders may have liability insurance through the state.

Have emergency personal present