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This informational training program is designed to assist extension personnel working with fair superintendents and fair management to plan and implement appropriate biosecurity measures at fairs and livestock shows. It is important for all personnel to recognize disease symptoms of livestock that come to the fair.  Superintendents and fair management should review this program prior to the livestock coming to the fair, and have a plan in place to prevent biosecurity risks from livestock entering the fair or show. Appropriate training of all personnel involved with the fair using this program will ensure a level of biosecurity awareness that will help prevent disease and injury of people and animals.

Pre planning leads to a sucessful show
Pre-planning leads to a succesful show

Livestock superintendents assist the extension office and the fair board in conducting the livestock shows at county and state fairs.  It is imperative that superintendents understand the relationship between their role and management’s role.  It is important that superintendents know what their authority is and also when they need to go to the fair board or extension office to assist them in making difficult decisions.  There should be a formal agreement between superintendents and management that identifies specific responsibilities.  Each party should sign this agreement, and this agreement should be reviewed annually.

met and agree on resposibilities
Meet and agree on responsibilities