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Exotic New Castle - (END) is an acute viral disease of chickens, turkeys and many other bird species. It is an exotic disease to the USA but is worldwide disease of poultry that can closely resembles Avian Influenza.

Newcastle can affect turkeys

What are the signs in Animals?
Poultry will typically show respritory signs; gasping, coughing, sneezing and depression, swelling of the head and neck tissue and along with watery green colored diarrhea.
Unlike AI, END causes nervous signs and tend to affect exotic birds and exibit; tremors, paralyzed wings and legs, twisted necks, circling, spasms, and complete paralysis along with diarrhea.
Mortality (death) rate for END can reach 100% in poultry.

sick chicken
Sick chicken

What are the signs in Humans? END can cause conjunctivitis in people who have close contact with infected birds.

The result of END
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