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Scrapie –Scrapie is a fatal disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats. The cause of Scapie is a prion, that alters normal host proteins in the brain and spinal cord to cause disease.
Sheep wiht scrapie
Abnormal behavior is common with scrapie
How is it transmitted?
Scrapie susceptibility is an inheritable trait.Black faced breeds are particularly susceptable to scrapie. The scrapie prion can be transmitted thru direct contact with infected sheep  When a scrapie positive female gives birth, the offspring may have inherited the protein, or it may have contact with the proteins during birthing, or the offspring could pick it up from the environment if it is contaminated with scrapie protein. 

Scrapie sheep
Scrapie infected ewes can transmit the disease to her lambs.

What are the signs in animals?
Animals may stand apart from the herd and show stumbling and in coordination. The behavior may progress to be a more pronounced "bunny hopping" gait that may eventually lead to the animal not rising. Affected animals may or may not show the characteristic rubbing and wool loss seen in sheep. Scrapie affected animals eventually die.
Scrapie must be reported to veterinary authorities.
Scrapie sheep with wool loss
Wool loss is a typical sign of scrapie
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