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Pseudocowpox and Bovine papular stomatitis are parapoxvirus primarily of cattle with similarities to the viruses of orf in sheep.  It is zoonotic and affects humans and cattle.

How is it transmitted?  By direct contact with infected teats of cows. This usually happens to milker’s, and is often called 'milker’s nodules'.

What are the signs in animals?  Blister-like red raised lesions appear on the teats, and after a few days form scabs.

cow pox on teats
Pseudocowpox on teats of a cow

What are the symptoms in humans?  Painful, raised, red skin lesions that turn brown and scabby, and may become infected with bacteria that delays healing for up to six weeks.

cow pox or milkers nodules lesion
'milkers nodules'
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