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Disease Awareness - Introduction to Disease risks

Zoonotic diseases - diseases shared by humans and animals.

Foreign Animal Diseases - Any diseases that currently do not exist in the United States and which if introduced could cause significant animal disease and economic impact; these diseases are reportable to the Colorado Department of Agriculture State Veterinarians Office.

Contagious Diseases - Any bacterial, viral or parasitic diseases that are communicable (shared) among animals.

Biosecurity - a series of steps taken to prevent the introduction or spread of infectious diseases.
This can be achieved thru pre-fair planning and education of fair participants and the public.

Admittance to shows and fairs
All livestock should have a physical exam before admittance to the show and fair grounds. Suspicion and or recognition of any of the following diseases should be reported immediately to the show/fair veterinarian for confirmation, and appropriate action taken to prevent introduction or spread of the disease to other animals at the fair or show.

| Anthrax | Atrophic Rhinitis | Avian Influenza | Blue Tongue | Bovine Papular Stomatitis |
| Brucellosis | Campylobacteriosis | Caseous lymphadenitis | Cryptosporidiosis |
| Enzootic Abortion | Erysipelas | Foot and Mouth Disease | Giardiasis | Leptospirosis |
| Lice | Listeriosis | Mange | Exotic Newcastle | Pseudocowpox | Q fever | Rabies | Ringworm |
| Salmonellosis | Sore Mouth | Strangles | Vesicular Stomatitis | Warts | West Nile Virus |